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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 7 Jun 2004 to 8 Jun 2004 (#2004-155)

I've been following the thread on the biological agent art controversy.  I am
a strong believer in individual rights and in artistic rights of self
expression.   I support the right of Serrano to make pisschrist or Karen Findlay to
express herself with a sweet potato.  And I oppose the abuses of the patriot
act.  But, I am still glad to know that someone who is growing e-coli bacteria
in their home is being investigated, because while I support artistic
expression, I don't think that the artist deserves more protection than any other
Limits on the first amendment apply to the artist who decides to do a
performance piece in which he shouts fire in a crowded theater just as they do to the
layman who does it with less artistic purposes in mind.  Being an artist is
not license to do whatever you want, whenever you want for the sake of your
desire to express yourself.

 As for the ecoli... The fact that the strain was not harmful is not
something that could be guaranteed without investigation. Perhaps  the worst that he
may be guilty of is bad art, but first he is investigated for the sake of the
public health.     I'm glad no one just "took his word for it".


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