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Re: [BKARTS] Patriot act takes an artist (good!)


I wasn't speaking of proportion in Picasso's cubist work. I was speaking of
his pre-cubist drawings.

I think that people who say that Picasso, Pollack, Maplethorpe and others
work is fine art, have no taste of their own, don't know good work when they see
it. They hear someone they think does know, say that it's great and they echo

Anyone could produce such wrk. Though how they could do it and keep a
straight face is a mystery to me.  As a lover of fine art, I hate to see the genre
polluted with trash being passed off as art. If Picasso & co. are artists; who
is not?  What then is not art? As an art historian, you have no doubt see
displays featuring a stack of yellow bricks with a blue blanket laid across them.
Or, an athletic type undershirt stretched over a green felt. I could cite
thousands of such artistic atrocities. I ask you How on God's green earth are these
thing art. The only way I can see it is that the producers of them are con
artists and they have put one over on the gullible artsy folk.

I'm just not afraid to point out that the emperor has no clothes.




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