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[BKARTS] Double "P" endbands

It's a headband style that uses a single thread.  I make it out of linen
thread over a slightly rectangular core of vellum laminated to alum tawed
pigskin. It produces beading on both front and back.

You tie the end of the thread to the core and put a needle on the other
end. Then go down into the first section from the front, come out the spine
below the kettlestitch, and make a P shaped loop around the core so the
thread is still at the back.. That holds the core in place. You can make
more than one loop depending on the spacing of sections and the pattern of
beading you want. Then you come under the core with the thread and go into
the section from the front, as in the beginning, and make a P shaped loop
around the core with the loose thread before pulling the thread all the way
through the spine. Then do everything you did after first putting the
needle into the book. Repeat this until it's done.

Perhaps someone knows where there is a diagram of it?  If not, when I have
time (ha!) I'll draw it and post a jpeg to my website, or maybe take a
sequence of photos.



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