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Re: [BKARTS] genetically modifed art?

I have been reading with interest, surprise, and a little frustration this
thread regarding 'biological art'.  As I believe all of us are
artists/craftspeople, I am not surprised at the range and depth of emotion
displayed.  It seems to come with the territory.

I believe Dean's comments (below) should be considered more in line with
this thread than the arguments regarding what is or isn't art, yet a great
deal of what I have seen is about the latter.

I don't believe "free speech" equals "license"; I prefer "responsible
commentary".  I believe it is good to be aware of what the government is
doing and to protest through proper channels when necessary.  (We elected
those channels, did we not?)  However, only hindsight is 20/20 and we really
do not know ALL the details on this incident.  I appreciate being made aware
of incidents such as this; it gives me (and all) the opportunity to follow
up as I see fit.  However, I really would love to see this list get back to
Book Arts!  Please?

For my two cents worth, in my part of the country, I have seen an American
flag draped in a toilet lauded as art, while a Norman Rockwell display
condemned as a waste of museum space as he was "only an illustrator".  I
disagree with both!  I expressed my opinion by visiting the Rockwell
display, and not the toilet.

Thanks to all for a lively, eye-opening discussion; a special thanks for all
I am learning regarding the book arts.

Linda Hawke

> And, most important to this discussion, lets make it clear that Kurtz is
> being investigated because of his art..  He's being investigated because
> had inappropriate labratory equipment in a residential enviroment,
perhaps, in
> violation of the law.
> Clearly, the goverment is, in this case, not suppresing artist expression
> (which is the only reason I looked into this case, because suppression of
art is
> a very serious matter to me) instead they are investigating the use of
> biological labratory equipment in a residence.  Good!  That is a proper
role of the
> goverment.
> Thus, to claim that this incident is the suppresion of art by goverment,
> anyway shape or form, is, in my opinion,  simply silly.
> Dean


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