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Re: [BKARTS] Patriot act takes an artist (good!)

Edward Stansell wrote:



himself could[n't] produce a copy of his existing work. It's hard to repeat the pattern of a paint splatter.

First of all, I think that you should look at the Scientific American article analyzing Pollock's work <http://materialscience.uoregon.edu/taylor/art/scientificamerican.pdf>. As you'll see, Pollock was doing a lot more than merely splattering paint. It's really interesting to see the comparison of a pseudo-Pollock with a real one. Please do this before continuing to make very uninformed observations about Pollock's skills.

Could Picasso or Pollack do an exact duplication of my work?

No one can do an exact duplication of anyone's work, but I am confident that artists with the technical skills of a Pollock or a Picasso could produce a very convincing imitation of any professionally bound book. It's a question of how much effort and time they wanted to put into it.

You don't have any knowledge of my artistic ability.

You said that *anyone* could do it. I am arguing that even someone with your skills couldn't even come close to producing a convincing imitation of a Pollock or Picasso.

Besides, one does not have to be a chef to know if food tastes good.

Have you ever tried kimchee? This is not exactly popular outside Korean circles, and with good reason, believe me. How about blubber? How about beets? Are you aware that some people can't stand the taste of beets because of a genetic factor? I'm one of them. Beets make me gag. My wife loves them. I hated borscht. The only parts I ate as a kid were the sour cream and the boiled potato.

[Huge scroll unfurls from proscenium enmblazoned "De gustibus non
disputandum est!" with Mormon Tabernacle Choir joyfully singing along.
Standing ovation lasting at least fifteen minutes, as members of
audience break through security and jump on stage to overwhelm speaker
with flowers, vigorous back slapping, and hot, wet kisses from objects
of formerly unrequited love in high school. Exit speaker covered with
lipstick through center aisle on shoulders of wildly cheering fans.]

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