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[BKARTS] I'm sorry-- aka (re?) intro from Jenny

Hi, my name is Jenny, and I'm a bookaholic.
But not really a shrill onlline harpie.
I don't know if I introduced myself or not, but I feel like I should
again, because I didn't mean to just jump into this patriot act/what
is art/ civil liberties brouhaha with such force.

But a close friend of mine, a totally normal and non radical barely
left of center centrist friend who doesn't even grow bacteria in his
fridge just got all shook up and down by the FBI a couple of weeks
ago for....??? We have no idea. He has no idea. Patriot act
something. He doesn't march, he doesn't go to weird web sites... he
doesn't even listen to NPR.  Doesn't even have a speeding ticket. So
it's time to get a little nervous, normal people.

Not that I'm normal. heh heh heh.
I started with books by reading them:
I graduated from Merrimack college in 1998 with a BA in English and
French with a minor in Women's Studies, (as my friend Jane said-- do
you want fries with that?) and then 1/2way through my first semester
teaching freshman English as a grad student at the University of
Connecticut, I came down with a mysterious illness that turned out to
be a rare form of brain tumor.

Which totally changed my life:
While in and out of bed for the next three or so years. that's when I
got into the collage and book arts.  A sort of "art therapy" that I
did for myself, to pass the time and take away frustration and all
that kind of stuff. And not go totally crazy. I mean, more than usual.

I don't think I was the kind of person who would have said that
"everything happens for a reason" or anything like that, but I guess
it did. Because my life is so different than what it would have been.
I have to do everything-- slower. I'm handicapped.  But I'm not going
to die. And bookbinding has really become my true love. I mean, I was
always interested in it-- I made little journals for myself when I
was a girl.  But  this is what supposed to happen....

And then, about1 1/2 years ago,  by that same sort of serendipity  I
met with Daniel Knowlton, in Bristol Rhode Island at Longfield
Studios. After learning most of what I know from books and internet
sites, I am now learning from a master.... (sort of being retrained
properly.)  I have been working like crazy, and I am only six classes
away from getting my "Master Craftsman" certification from him :-)
(But unfortunately, none of the other students in the class have
agreed to call me "Master" ;-)

I've done a couple of small--gasp--craft shows here in New England
this summer to make money for supplies, and my work has been very
well received. I've been in a couple of local museums.... but no big
ones. I am going to be putting on my first one woman show in November
at the gallery at Merrimack College... I went up there to have a
friend in the photo lab take slides for me and they wants me to do a
show, so that's pretty exciting. I am learning all I can.

Usually, I'm more friendly than these last couple of days.  Most
people think so, anyway.

Anyone have any advice for someone starting out like me?
If you were 26 today, what would you be doing the same, or
differently, than what you have done in the past?

aka jennybean
Madwoman in the Attic Designs



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