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Re: [BKARTS] Patriot act takes an artist (good!)


At least we can agree on beets.

You know nothing of my artistic ability, so, how can you judge what I am
capable of?  You know nothing of the bookbinding/book restoration capabilities of
Picasso or Pollack, yet you are sure the could do as good or better than I.  I
don't doubt for a minute that if I had the interest, I could do as well as
Picasso. Pollack is not worth consideration. They are only "great" because the
had great PR.

Many sportsmen excel at more than one sport. Many gifted musicians play more
than one instrument well. Many artists are skilled in more than one medium.  I
can do more than bind and restore books.

Why do you assume that Pollack and Picasso could excel at bookbinding? Can
you show me some examples of your skill at the craft. You have judged my ability
or lack thereof. Now let me judge yours.




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