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[BKARTS] Ginsberg

> You forgot to include Warhol and Ginsberg among those who
not only create
> nothing but artistic wampum and wholesale marketing

Since this is a book arts list, should I assume you mean
Allen Ginsberg, whose poem Howl was published in 1956 by my
San Francisco neighbor, City Lights, a delightful bookstore.
The publication caused litigation which set a precedent for
artistic freedom.

Please read Howl before you say this. Tell me you have
issues with obscenity or sexual politics regarding Howl and
I'll understand, these are personal decisions you have the
right to make for yourself. I would hope, as an artist,
you'd see the power of the words.

Art is a destructive process, in that we try to destroy an
old way of seeing and revitalize vision or perception with a
new reality. It can be harsh or gentle, according to the
circumstances and our temperament. Don't we all hope to
expand our viewers' concept of beauty and help them redefine
their vision so they become aware of the small everyday
beauties often overlooked? When they see one of our
handbound books, won't it make them more aware, more
literate, every time they see a book?

I'm a visual artist. Lifelong, books have been a passion. In
the short time I've subscribed to this list, I've learned
much. My project this week is printing and binding a book of
my poetry on wood veneer, wood so thin you can turn pages
like paper. As I said, I'm a visual artist. This is an
experiment, so I'm using my own words; if it fails, only I
will be disappointed. The binding will be, ummmm, like a
Japanese stab binding. If anybody has any advice, I'm open.

My proof copy pleased me, so I'm excited. So how is the
first half of my email related to the last half? This slim
volume is illustrated by four drawings of mine of a nude
dancer. Obscene? Not remotely, unless you think any nudity
in a drawing obscene or representing humans in a drawing is
idolatry. There will be no fans among the Taliban. Without
Ginsberg, Howl, and City Lights, I'd have to worry about
being arrested for publishing this.

Instead, my assistant wants a copy for her daughter. Thank
you, Allen. Thank you, Lawrence.



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