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Re: [BKARTS] Double "P" endbands & Chris Clarkson

Hi James, if you are referring to Chris Clarkson's "Conservation Headband"
which he discovered in Florence whilst he was helping save the many books
damaged from the Flood of 1966, it does have a "P" configuration. It only
has a back bead, and no beading at the front.  Historically, the linen
thread was tied down in each section, but nowadays the number of tie downs
is up to the binder.  It is an extremely strong foundation headband & takes
secondary decoration with silk thread very nicely.  I do have a diagram
somewhere, and will be happy to send along the source to you once I locate
it.  The Greenfield book's diagram of this is not quite how Chris Clarkson
does it.

Mercedes :)
Toronto, CANADA

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And Chris Clarkson (again!) deserves credit for untangling and reintroducing
the style. It produces an endband with beads on both the top edge and back
the spine. It is of course the function that counts. Best, James

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