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[BKARTS] Oz and Art Worlds

Sue Wood (in Oz) wrote:

>They were unanimous in declaring yours art

Well, if it's art in Rhode Island and Oz then I must be a duck.

All that talk about Jackson's work was sorta like twilight zone. I hadn't
heard shit like that in decades.

Kids can't paint like that.  They don't drink enough alcohol.

What nobody mentioned was the relationship between art and design, as
parallel to science and engineering. In particular, I wouldn't have had the
1950's wastebasket with the drip pattern if it wasn't for Jackson P. Or the
similar linoleum, or pole lamp lampshades, etc.  There would be no Spin Art
at the county fair.

And with all the talk of art and politics, nobody mentioned that the CIA
distributed the 1947 (or was it 1948?) Jackson Pollock catalogs in Eastern
Europe to promote the American idea of freedom of expression. Of course, at
that time the Rockefellers were in control, both of the Museum of Modern
Art and the CIA, so promoting Jackson was sort of a family business.

The notion of Art Worlds defining what art is is one thing.  The other side
is how much influence does the art have in the other worlds. With Pollock
the applications (Applied Art) extended into politics, design, and many
other aspects of society.



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