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[BKARTS] Rusted nails in signatures

  Hi. The book I am working on now was printed in 1890 and is about 600
pages long.  After I removed the cover (which had come loose) and
cleaned the spine, I saw that each signature was held together with
staples which were rusting through the papers.  It looked like all of
the signatures had been held together with glue after being individually
stapled.  I have removed the staples from each signature and plan on
sewing the text block.

  My question is: what is the best way to remove the rust marks and damage
caused by the staples?  Most of the damage is on the inside, middle of
the signatures.  Also, would it be a good idea to strengthen the outside
portion of the signatures where I will be sewing by applying a Japanese
paper like okawara or sekeishu with wheat paste?  The staples did a
nasty job of eating holes in the papers.

  I do volunteer book repair and rebinding for the history collection of
my county?s public library.  Before that I apprenticed in bookbinding
for a couple years in the preservation department of the Cincinnati
Museum Center.  So, my training was not ?formal?, but I read everything
I can get my hands on, including this list-serv which is a wonderful
learning tool.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.



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