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Re: [BKARTS] InstaBook machine

There is an article in the Circuits Section of today's New York Times
entitled "For Budding Authors, a Rapid-Fire Publisher" by Eric A. Taub.  The
article tells about a bookstore in Ridgewood, New Jersey where you can take
your CD and in as little as 17 minutes get "a perfect-bound paperback
version of your novel, family memoir, or favorite Bulgarian desserts..."

The print-on-demand service uses the InstaBook machine manufactured in
Gainesville, Florida.  The article lists several web sites that specialize
in short run book production orders.  The costs vary from $150 to $698 for
5-10 copies and most plans include an ISBN number.

The bookstore has 10,000 public domain titles stored in their computer.
Customers can select a title and print out a copy in minutes.

I could not find a direct link to this article, but if you go to
www.nytimes.com and sign on you can find the article in the technology

Ed (the other one!)


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