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Re: [BKARTS] Rusted nails in signatures

For what it is worth.  You may still have rust ON the
paper AND stain from the rust IN the paper. I don't
know much one can do to remove the *stain* from the
paper, unless one uses solvents.  There used to be a
solvent called tetrahyrafuron, that would remove the
brown stain left behind after tape had been removed.
And even then, it didn't completely remove the stain,
but what it did remove was amazing.  And of course, it
had to be used in a fume hood.  So, its not a
practical tip for someone standing at the workbench.
The effect was only cosmetic, using the solvent did
not strengthen the paper.  Strengthening the paper for
sewing is more important at this point.  Also, it was
very expensive, $99 a quart.  But it was wonderful
stuff.  It may still be available.

I've had a couple books with stapled sections as you
described.  I carefully scraped the residual rust away
with a binders knife and just lived with the stain. I
guarded the sections that were damaged with holes, or
else the thread will pull through and damage(tear) the
section even more. If time and resources are
unlimited, then guard every section.  Then you'll have
to deal with the extra swell.  Decisions decisions.

If it were me and the book is going to have limited
circulation, I would repair (i.e. guard), only those
sections with holes in order to support the thread.
So,  you have think about how the book will be used
and plan treatment from that decision.  I don't know
the size of your book (6mo, 8to etc.), but 600 pages
seems like a heavy book, so I'd sew on new endsheets
and put a hollow (tube) on the spine.

A book from 1890, my guess the paper is brittle, so
exercise care when resewing.  Pulling the thread
through an unguarded section can tear the paper SO
EASILY.  Pull in the direction of the thread, not
right angle to the spine.  Hope that makes sense.
Paper from the late 19th C and early 20th C gets a
bookbinder's attention very quickly.

Finally, it is commendable you are volunteering your
time.  I bet you're learning lots.

Good luck,

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