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Re: [BKARTS] InstaBook machine...and a long rant...

Reminds me of Lulu.com.

My company (Octavia Occult Publishing) also publishes on a print by demand
service, printing and then binding both hardcover and softcover books from
word and PDF files. We use a basic Laser printer, recycled 20# bond paper,
and a 110# cardstock cover, which is either laminated or not. Larger orders
are farmed out to a local print shop, as are color covers. We bind the
hardcovers ourselves, and are looking forwards to getting a foil stamping
machine to deboss titles soon. We are also looking into having a local
bindry prefabricate our covers for us, as a cheap and efficient way to
process orders more expediently.

We will occassionally perform vanity publishing duties for people, and can
also perform all of the legal requirements for ISBN, et alia. If the client
would have us market and promote the book for them. We have a growing list
of local artists and authors who have us sell their books online and in
retail stores.

The really impressive part about being a book artist, as well as a
publisher, are the incredible covers we've used. A recent client has had us
use 26 guage silver sheet to pierce a beautiful design from, cut hinges
into, and bind a 400 page, handwritten and beautfully illustrated
(illuminated) copy of selections from the Zohar. Incidentally, I am also a
jeweler, which helps under these most interesting circumstances.

I got a real giggle on this list last month when someone passed on Margrette
Atwood's quote about bookbinding being an anachronism, and I will agree. In
an age where books are digitized and read on the computer, there is little
need for a beautifully bound copy of your favorite poems, or a personal
library in your living room filled with classical literature. Many people
I've met are suprised that I can recite Shakespeare at the drop of a hat, or
have a collection of occult literature (nothing too rare, unfortunately)
that rivals most bookstores in the city. The people I see don't read, or if
they do, they are usually into popular fiction, romance novels, and
contemporary works. Would they like a copy of their favorite science fiction
novel bound into a nice leather casing with pierced silver corner-caps and
fine gilding? (Its actually the reason I got into bookbinding in the first
place - I saw a copy of Issac Asimov's "The Martian Chronicles" bound in
exactly this manner.)

I am not exactly the most professional binder in the world, but hope that
one day, someone will see one of my more interesting books and fall in love
with it. Is it art? Not exactly, it pays the bills and makes me feel good
about myself at the end of the day. It is a profession that I am trying to
become better at every day. There are a million things I'd love to learn
about - most of you are far more advanced in the field than I am, and one
day I may show up at your studio and hassle you for information (isn't this
what our list here does? Lets the community spirit thrive, shares
information, and occasionally allows us to vent our fears and debate about
he finer points of facism (RE: our recent Patriot Act debate). )

Wow, what a ramble...now back to work.

Robert Angus
Octavia Occult Publishing
(403) 242-0397


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