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Re: [BKARTS] Rusted nails in signatures

Please see my most recent posting- two references are given.  The two
chemicals work much better together than one alone; iron rust isn't very
soluble on its own, so it must be reduced to a different, more soluble
ionic state.  That is the purpose of the sodium dithionite. EDTA is a
chelating agent which surrounds (complexes) the iron and leaves it out
of reactions it would normally participate in (such as catalyzing
cellulose degredation).  

-You'll find EDTA in your shampoo, to remove chlorine and other metals
from hair.


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> Interesting post, but I have had no luck in using sodium dithionite
> name for sodium hydrosulfite) for foxing stains.  It seriously
degrades the
> paper, leaving it semi-transparent.  I would like a reference on the
> mechanics of this procedure, particularly the use of EDTA.

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