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[BKARTS] Fair Criticism

====== Paul T Werner wrote: clip ===========
There are many roles available within each world: Breakaway Sect,
Vertical Invader (otherwise known as Bad Boy), Radical, etc, and
they have practical consequences. They engage us in certain forms
of behavior for which we are ultimately answerable, aesthetically
and morally. To my mind, for instance, Richard Minsky has mastered
the Bad Boy act far more than the technique: it?x2019;s not only fair
to criticize him for not living up to his own self-definitions;
it?x2019;s the only fair way.
========= clip + + =====================

Finally, a critic! Thank you, Paul.

I'm not sure what the self-definitions are that I haven't lived up to, but
please accept my apology for disappointing you.  If you help me out with
the details I will try to accomplish the mission. I haven't read anything
by Howard Becker, so this is all new to me.

I did read Gary Becker, who was influential on the thinking that led to my
Master's thesis at Brown, "Irrational Behavior and the Supply of Trained
Labor." Becker's phrase "Human Capital" had grabbed my attention as an
undergraduate. I thought my self-definitions were along those lines, but am
happy to learn more about myself.

It seemed to me that my main work is manufacturing, and secondarily,

Appealing as the notion is of being a "Vertical Invader," and even more so,
a "Bad Boy," I am sot sure what "art world" it is that I have invaded.
Perhaps I misunderstand the phrase. I may have created an "art world" when
I founded the Center for Book Arts in 1974, but that was because there was
nothing out there to invade that interested me.

====== Paul T Werner wrote: clip ===========
Where we part ways, is that I never felt I was a mere tool. In fact, I did
a considerable amount of consciousness-raising in my lectures.
========= clip ++ ====================

I thought that's what lecturers were hired to do. What am I missing?

Peter, I almost missed this  message, because it was sent without line
breaks and I view messages only in the archive, which only breaks at
paragraphs if no line breaks are specified.. So it scrolled horizontally
way off the screen (in Internet Explorer 6).

Can the listserver be set to generate the web pages so they wrap in width
with the window size? I looked at the source code and the problem seems to
be that it's set to display the text in preformat mode <pre>.  If there
isn't a way to switch that from the listowner interface, perhaps they could
reprogram the master page to display it as formatted text, which would then
wrap to the window.



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