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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 10 Jun 2004 to 11 Jun 2004 (#2004-158)

Subject: Re: Rusted nails in signatures
ED wrote:
To my knowledge, there is no solvent for rust. There are things that might
remove small amount and others that bleach, but all this will contribute
to the
deterioration of the paper. Better to make needed repairs and leave the rust
as is.

Rust stain removal searches on the Internet recommend  salt and lemon juice
(sodium citrate)  or salt and vinegar (sodium acetate). The weak acids
should be less damaging to  paper, Wash the pages after with several rinses
of water (support the sheets as a sandwich between pieces of window
screening) then a final rinse with weak alkali (indigestion tablet in a
bottle of soda water). Paint over the treated areas with methyl cellulose
or Klucel G solution and dry the pages between sheets of neutral blotting
paper under light pressure to keep them flat.  The acid converts the iron
to a more soluble form which can then be rinsed away.

I find a cat litter tray to be cheap and functional for washing pages.

Adrienne Allen


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