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Re: [BKARTS] Fair Criticism

Richard Minsky wrote:

====== Paul T Werner wrote: clip ===========
There are many roles available within each world: Breakaway Sect, Vertical Invader (otherwise known as Bad Boy), Radical, etc, and they have practical consequences. They engage us in certain forms of behavior for which we are ultimately answerable, aesthetically and morally. To my mind, for instance, Richard Minsky has mastered the Bad Boy act far more than the technique: it?x2019;s not only fair to criticize him for not living up to his own self-definitions; it?x2019;s the only fair way.
========= clip + + =====================

I'm not sure what the self-definitions are that I haven't lived up to, but please accept my apology for disappointing you. If you help me out with the details I will try to accomplish the mission.

I'm not sure I understand any of this. I guess I'm a lowbrow. It's way too cerebral for me. I judge an artist by his work, not by his/her/its self-definitions. How am I supposed to know what his/her/its self-definitions are, anyway? Am I supposed to look them up on the Internet? If so, I am going to need some help.

I tried Google on "self definition" "richard minsky" and got: "Your
search - "Self Definition" "Richard Minsky" - did not match any documents.


    "- Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
    "- Try different keywords.
    "- Try more general keywords.
    "- Try fewer keywords."

Thus instructed, I entered "Self Definition" Minsky, but everything was
about a guy named Marvin Minsky.

So I'm baffled. I guess I should try stumpers-l, the reference
librarians list with a query such as, "In order to judge the work of
Richard Minsky, I am told I need to know his self definitions so that I
can decide whether or not he's lived up to them. Can anyone direct me to
published material on the self definitions of Richard Minsky?"

That seems a little embarrassing. I don't know. I will just go look at
Minksy's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" again. It's so fitting. He should do one
on Kafka's "The Trial." It would be even more fitting. The artist as
self-defined thought criminal gets what he/she/it deserves. Make that
s/he/it. Say it out loud.

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