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Re: [BKARTS] Fair Criticism

Paul T Werner wrote:

Same way you're supposed to know he spells his name "Pollock" and not "Pollack."

Yes, of course, but I was able to check that on the Internet after being corrected by Richard Minsky. I should have looked up his birth certificate, but I probably would have had to pay some sort of fee. One can never be too sure about these things, you know.

Now let's get serious. Where and how does Minsky define himself and how
does he concretely fail to live up to those self-definitions? All I get
from your take is that you define him and then you claim that your
definitions are actually his self-definitions.

In my case, you wouldn't have much trouble finding my self-definitions.
Perhaps the same is true of Minsky, but I'd like to see what he says
about himself that supports your claims.

If you read the sample of my book Mad Laughter at
http://madlaughter.com/laughter.pdf you will see that while I don't
explicitly define myself, I do define what I am doing in my work and how
I do it technically. On the back cover, I describe myself becoming "as
the kind of person my parents would have called a degenerate, but in

In another work, Lineland, I explained why I gave up writing for a
living despite the acclaim that I had received over the years. It took
me a long time to understand that I am an artist and my medium is the
printing press. That's how I define myself today, although I usually say
that I am a writer and a graphic designer.

So, again, concretely, not theoretically or implicitly, how does Richard
Minsky define himself? How does he fail to meet his self-definitions?
Why should he have to, anyway? Isn't his work enough?

-- JULES SIEGEL Apdo. 1005 77501-Cancun Q. Roo Mexico http://www.cafecancun.com/bookarts/robot.htm

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