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Re: [BKARTS] Removing creases from paper?

On Sat, 12 Jun 2004, Ann Kingman wrote:

> I'm in the process of creating a very large blank book, and have
> inadvertently creased the top foredge corner on the first three pages (like
> a dogear).  The textblock is ready to be cased in -- is there any way to
> remove the creases?  The paper is Mohawk Vellum.

I haven't worked with this paper specifically, so there may be boobytraps
I don't know about.

Creases in paper can be removed, or at least greatly reduced, with heat
and a little bit of moisture.  Protect the pages underneath by putting a
piece of blotter and a piece of silicone release paper (baker's
parchment) between the pages you're working on and the rest of the book.
Gently unfold and smooth down the first folded page by hand.  Apply a
tiny bit of moisture by dabbing with a clean damp cloth or spritzing on a
fine mist of water -- not enough to make the paper look wet.  Put a
piece of silicone release paper on top of the page to protect it from any
stains that might transfer, and use a hot tacking iron to smooth out the
crease.  If you don't have a tacking iron, you can use a household iron
on a no-steam setting, taking care that the point of the iron doesn't
catch on the paper.  Or you can use a smooth table knife or microspatula,
heated at the stove.



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