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[BKARTS] "Amateur Bookbinder seeks Instructor: College student works for cheap!"

Okay, so I know you're all far more advanced than I am, this has never been
a fact objected to, having only played at bookbinding as a hobby, and
publishing as a manner of paying the rent. I have learned so much from this
list, the bookbinders on it, and many of the tips and tricks that I would
not have discovered, lest I worked in a bookbinder's shop...and there's the

As wonderful a place as the internet is, and many more pages coming out
which show an excellent display of technique and method, very little exists
which would instruct the amateur on how to advance from novice to adept with
the same guidance that a wise teacher might impart.

After a short, but illuminating conversation with one of the binders at
Alberta Book Bindry this week, I discovered how little I actually know.
Browsing on the internet left me absolutely astounded at the craftsmanship
by such artists as "Weitz, Weitz, and Coleman", Ed's "Craft Bookbinding
Company", among others. I am ready to begin learning. I've devoured every
book at Mount Royal College's library. I've begun practicing what methods
I've gleaned on my own books.

I have looked in Calgary for a course in fine bookbinding, and have been
dismayed at what little there is. ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design)
offers a continuing education course in the fall, which seems to be intended
for scrapbookers and hobbyists. Are there any bookbinders in the city who
would share the art? I've even considered dropping the following ad in the

"Amateur Bookbinder seeks Instructor: College student works for cheap!"

Robert Angus
Octavia Occult Publishing
(403) 242-0397


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