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[BKARTS] Apprentice Bookboard - mold of four shades

My son and I came to a comclusion regarding the apprentice bookboard project
last month, and we began with a nice, plain flour paste. We began the
project on his birthday, and used 30 sheets of misprints (20# bond). When we
had the board finished, we wrapped them in waxed paper and pressed them in a
simple plywood/carriage bolt press. Not quite a month later, the bookboards
are gorgeous. Harder than davie board, and very solid. Nice to work with,
and no noticeable warping. I found the nicest mix was two boards of 15
sheets, glued together with PVA to make one good 30 sheet board.

Our second experiment was based upon this one. We took the same paste, and
about 300 pages of misprints, and made 10 bookboards, using the same
methods, but pressed in the same press, with a two layer sheet of waxed
paper between each one. This did not work out too well, as I discovered that
the block began to turn green and smell rather viscious. Opening up the
press, I discovered every face, within and without, to be covered in four
different types of mold. Quite nasty really. Back to square one. The books
I've done so far are mold free, and I think this would be due mainly to
being pressed individually, with better ventilation.

Are there any suggestions that we can use to prevent this tragedy from
occuring again? Alum doesn't work on preventing mold in anything but
McDonald's burgers (due to an outbreak in my jar a few weeks ago...and the
exploding fermented paste I mentioned last month...). I considered the tea
tree oil method, but am concerned over any possible long term damage.

Robert Angus
Octavia Occult Publishing
(403) 242-0397


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