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Re: [BKARTS] Plough vs guillotine?

Hello Betty,

I am using an old style horizontal plough, and I would say that it is
capable of very fine cutting, if the blade is kept sharp and the cuts
fine.  The vertical ploughs I have seen advertised will probably do as well
or better.

However, it does take considerable time, and I would not recommend it for
production work, unless for very fine editions where every care must be
taken.  I myself am in the market for a suitable guillotine, but they are
too expensive for my budget right now.  I will keep my plough for fine work
in any case.  A guillotine with a blade nick is fine for trade work, but
not for gilt edges or fine bindings.

Yours, Gavin

At 11:51 AM 14/06/2004 -0700, you wrote:
A friend is having to sell his guillotine cutter, and is considering buying
a plough to replace it.  If anyone out there is using a plough to trim
books, how satisfactory do you find it, and would you recommend it to anyone
else, as opposed to having a printer friend trim text blocks.



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