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Re: [BKARTS] Play it like Becker

I almost missed your email too Paul. I get the list in digest form and
it was lost in amongst lots of untrimmed replies.

"Susan=2C I appreciate the art-historian=27s perspective you bring to
our =
online discussions about quality in art=2E Still I take issue with your
ast point=2C that your students=27 opinions =22don=27t make a

I guess the last bit of my email was something of a throw-away comment.
I agree with you that one of the most interesting and useful points that
Becker makes is that art worlds are always in a state of flux. So that
while individually our opinions may not make a difference (although that
depends on who we are and where we are positioned in the interlocking
mesh of art worlds) collectively we can/do make a difference. Although
for most of us, it is an incremental difference rather than a
revolutionary one. In essence, you don't need to take issue, because I
don't think there is a point of disagreement.

"Where we part ways=2C is that I never felt I was a mere tool=2E In
 I did a considerable amount of consciousness-raising in my lectures=2E"

Did it seem that I was suggesting I am a mere tool in the hands of these
art worlds?

"Might it be a useful teaching strategy to suggest to your students the
fferent roles they=2C too=2C might play within this particular world=2C
nd how effective such roles might be for accomplishing the goals they
d dear=2C whether making a mint or making a World Revolution=3F Just a

This is something I try to do, not just with my students but within some
of the art worlds I inhabit. The reason I think Becker is so useful, is
that I believe that understanding how art worlds operate and intersects
helps people to find their niche within those worlds and to operate
effectively within that niche.

Sue W (in Oz) 

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