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Re: [BKARTS] Counter Die on Book Board

On Jun 14, 2004, at 7:50 PM, John Cristofano wrote:

I am stamping a book cover with a counter die. The image comes out
well, however, there the impression of the counter die remains on the
backside of the cover and it will show through the end pages. I could
use an extra thick end page, but I would rather just fill it in with
some kind of putty/paper mache/glue/...  We are doing several hundred
I am not certain what you mean by "counter die"?
However, if you are getting an impression on the inside of the cover,
then I can only assume that the surface that you are placing the cover
on for stamping is too soft. In other words, the die is making an
impression on the outside of the cover; the binder board is being
compressed in the middle, but since the support is soft, the binder
board is able to expand into the soft support work surface, thus
leaving a raised image on the inside.
I used to use a sheet of binder board as my work surface for stamping
and occasionally would get a raised image. During my apprenticeship
with Bill Anthony, he called this device a "Force". When I gave a GBW
Standards presentation some years ago on hot stamping, I suggested
using a sheet of plexiglas as the force as it would not deform like
binder board. It has worked very well. Over the years, I have also
added a piece of very dense polyurethane as it has the resiliency to
take a slight impression and then bounce back.
Hope this helps?
Bill Minter

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