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Re: [BKARTS] Codex Amiatinus

 On the Koran thread, those who have never read it before might want to
look for an annotated edition; like the Bible, there are some less than
enlightening passages..........
  On a completely different topic, but timely, there is an interesting
article in Early Medieval Europe, number 2, vol. 12 (2003), an academic
journal put out by Blackwell in England, by Celia Chazelle on the ordering
of the folios of the first gathering of the Codex Amiatinus (8th C.,
English manuscript, Vulgate Bible).  The consensus is that all the folios
are there, but there are arguments about the sequence.  The original
binding is long gone.
  Dorothy Africa

"Ceolfrid's gift to St. Peter:  the first quire of the Codex Amiatinus and
the evidence of its Roman destination," Celia Chazelle, Early Medieval
Europe, Blackwells, #2, vol. 12 (2003): 127-157.


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