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[BKARTS] Holy Qur'an

G'd evening Kate, love the naming. Help me!
I do not belong to the umma, the Community of the Faithful. Frankly I don't
believe in any of the gods. This does not lessen my utmost respect for the
religions which teach us. In that sense I am very small "c" catholic.
My personal answers your questions:
We begin by understanding that to the umma the Holy Qur'an is the ineffable
Word of God. It is accepted that He spoke in what we most often and carelessly
term Classical Arabic. A point I would argue against, but no matter. I am not
a Believer.
No language is translatable. I will get shorthanded here and fall back on,
for example, Pound's observations on the translations of his Personae.
And it is the Holy Qur'an, never Qur'an. Is this too PC?
By transliteration I mean the approximate transmission of meaning, not
sounds, but never the reality.
If I were of the umma I would say interpretation, not even transliteration.
By the latter I intend the alchemical conversion of feeling and thought. But
yes, strictly speaking, transliteration is the conversion of proximate sounds
from one language to another. As in Beijing vs Peking.
Unless one knows and understands the Arabic one will never know the true
Being of the Word. This alone will explain the training of what the West calls
I think that we sometimes accept the multiple corruptions of the Holy Bible
as applicable to all theocratic texts. This is just one of the many ways by
which the Holy Qur'an stands exceptional.
The words of any wo/man can be closely translated given enough talent.
But never, ever the Word of God.
It is interesting that the primary language of Aljazeera, broadcast
throughout the Moslem world, speaks the language of the Holy Qur'an, not say any
particular, as a grab point, Berber dialect.
Best, James


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