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Re: [BKARTS] Holy Qur'an

"Doesn't it cause confusion, ever, to have to use the word
"transliterating" to describe both doing /1/ and doing /2/ ?"

Have you ever grabbed the Oxford Concise and found that there are over fifty
entries for one word that you thought was a very simple and reliable concept
in everyday english, only to find that your comprehension of the language
was staggeringly less than what you had originally thought? The average
person may know a few thousand words, but will often only use a few hundred
in daily language. For a lexicon that has over 200,000 words and multiple
meanigns for each one, it makes the language that we're binding seem very,
very awe inspiring. (My roommate reads ten pages a day from the Oxford
Concise, as an attempt to help him comprehend the language  - its caused him
to lose touch with modern english...just a thought.)

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