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Re: [BKARTS] Holy Qur'an

James - THANKS for your clear and informative answer.

As you note and remind me, "the umma, the Community of the Faithful"
[Muslims] regards the book under discussion as "the ineffable Word of
God" and "the Holy Qur'an, never Qur'an."

Since you (and Muslims regard the book as holy, you (and they) can and
should call it holy.

Since I do not regard it as holy
      (whatever the word "holy/holiness" refers to - I do not claim to
understand holiness),
I will not commit hypocrisy by calling it holy.
To call it holy would mean pretending that I consider the book "holy" -
when I don't.
      (Not that I consider it "unholy," either. I simply don't claim
any understanding of "holiness,"
       and will therefore not use the word - I avoid using words that I
do not understand.)

By transliteration I mean the approximate transmission of meaning, not
sounds, but never the reality.

Then what word would you use for the "approximate transmission" of sounds? (since you use the word "transliteration" to mean something other than that)

Also - what do you mean by "the alchemical conversion of feeling and
What observable/experienceable phenomenon does that phrase refer to?

Unless one knows and understands the Arabic one will never know the
Being of the Word. This alone will explain the training of what the
West calls

I know next-to-nothing (probably nothing!) about the training of mullahs - a subject which may, or may not, relate to the book arts. Could you please inform me somewhat about how mullahs train? (reply privately or publicly, as you see fit)

I think that we sometimes accept the multiple corruptions of the Holy
as applicable to all theocratic texts. This is just one of the many
ways by
which the Holy Qur'an stands exceptional.

What do you mean? Do you mean that no one has ever found any textual corruptions in any copy of it? Or what exactly do you mean?

It is interesting that the primary language of Aljazeera, broadcast
throughout the Moslem world, speaks the language of the Holy Qur'an,
not say any
particular, as a grab point, Berber dialect.

Well, the Aljazeera broadcast network wants all Arabic-speakers everywhere to understand what they hear - just as an NBC News program uses standard American English even if the news and/or the reporter came from, say, Texas.

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