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Re: [BKARTS] Holy Qur'an

At 09:48 PM 6/15/2004 -0400, you wrote:
James Tapley writes:

It may seem like quibbling to a nonbeliever but the Holy Qur'an is and
can never be translated. It has been transliterated into most languages,
but never, ever translated. The Word is to a Believer. Best, James

This has gotten really interesting! Thanks for all the interesting
history of the printing of the Koran.

Perhaps I can help clarify the above statement:
Moslems believe that the Koran is the *literal* Word of God,
i.e. the Logos, the equivalent of Christ to Christians.

I'm assuming even the most fundamentalist of Christians realize
that the Bible was written down at many different times and places
and in different languages, that God didn't actually speak to Moses
in English, for example.

But the Koran was *transmitted* by God (through the intermediary
of Gabriel) to Mohammed *in Arabic* so translating it into other
languages was considered blasphemy. (I'm trying to convey that
the feeling about the Koran is on a whole other order than feeling
about the Bible.)

Of course, reality set in when large numbers of non-Arabic speakers
converted. But it's still considered desirable for literate people to learn
enough Arabic to read the Koran in the original, and of course the
prayers are recited in Arabic, as westerners used to pray in Latin.





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