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[BKARTS] religious scriptures

Susan assumes that ...

... even the most fundamentalist of Christians realize
that the Bible was written down at many different times and places
and in different languages, that God didn't actually speak to Moses
in English, for example.

Coincidentally, last night I stumbled onto a web-page written (apparently in fervent seriousness) by a Fundamentalist Christian who believes that God requires us to use in our prayer and worship only Bibles which maintain not just the mere wording of the King James Bible, first edition, 1611 but also each and every one of the first edition's original 1611 *spellings*: he regards as, literally, Satanic, all modern King James Bible printings that use modern-day spellings like "assuaged" (instead of 1611 "asswaged"), "cloak" (instead of 1611 "cloke"), etc.,

For the reference of those anxiously spell-checking their Bibles for
Satanic orthography,
 the site-owner gives a handy table of things that have changed between
1611 and now
 and he even directs you to a modern-day publisher who will sell you
Bibles that use
 the early-seventeenth-century spellings which God, presumably, uses

Don't believe me? See for yourself at
http://www.biblebelievers.com/ believers-org/counterfeit-kjv.html

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