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[BKARTS] Shagreen or Ray skin

Having made a few bindings with ray skin, or shagreen, I would like
to comment. The leather version can be pared on the flesh side. If
it's pared too deeply, the "pebbles" start to pop out. I've used this
skin on the spine of my wooden-board calendars that I carry around in
my back pocket. Because I consult the book on a daily basis, opening
well over a thousand times a year is not uncommon. I've got books
from a few years back, and none of them have any stress related
failures at the hinge. This material is so dense and tough, it is
like armor on a spine. It opens well, but can be a little challenging
to do turn-ins.

I suggest you get some, work on it and find its limitations for yourself.

To work with it, remember that it's stiff, and act accordingly; when
turning in, use a viscous PVA and be ready to use weight and ace
bandages to hold things in place.

Good luck,



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