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Re: [BKARTS] using gelatin as glue

Put a little water in a container which can take the heat and sprinkle
on some gelatine.  Wait a few moments and if there is still some free
water, sprinkle on more gelatine.

When all the water has been absorbed by the gelatine set the container
on a sand bath on an electric or gas burner and warm it up until it
is dissolved.

If that is too thick, simply stir in some more water.

Since I generally make only small batches of glue at a time I use a
custard dish.  My sand bath is just an old 8mm film can full of sand.

I take the lid off and set the container in the sand.  When the glue
is liquid I turn the heat off and let it set on the hot sand while
I use it.

When I'm done I pour any remaing glue out on an old Melmac (hard plastic)
plate and let it dry.  When it's dry I pop it off and store it in a Zip
Loc bag until I need some more glue.  If you don't overheat it, you can
re-use the glue a few times.


>A week ago we had a discussion about glues and some people suggested
>gelatine. Can anyone give me a recipe for making this type of glue? I
>would like to experiment with it...
>Carole Vanderhoof
>Lonely Pine Bindery

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