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Re: [BKARTS] Odd leather question

You might try a little dilute ammonia.  It will strip some color out and
will also slightly dull the glossy surface.

Bill Minter mentioned glassing of leather; this is essentially the same
as making a glossy photograph.  One side is smoothed out on the face of
a very smooth surface and when it dries, that side takes on the qualities
of the surface it dried against.

Wet glossy photographs tend to dry back fairly glossy, but not quite
as crisp as before.

Boarding the leather, as Bill also suggested, will not do too much to
dull the surface, but it will break it up and can be used to create a
nice diamond pattern.

All of the suggestions in response to your question will make small
changes, except for the one suggesting a light sandpaper rub.  That
will dull the surface, but also leave that surface open to absorb more
dirt than the other suggestions.

Choices.  Oy!


>Hi - Does anyone have a good method for permanently dulling the glossy
>surface of some goatskins, without damage to the leather?  If it helps,
>I'm using a Harmatan skin, grade 2, dark brown, and I want it to have a
>very matte appearance. It will be used structurally and also as feather
>onlays. Any ideas are much appreciated,
>Melissa Jay Craig, Chicago
>(a long-time lurker)

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