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Re: [BKARTS] odd leather question: oops

Many thanks to everyone who replied!  I get the list in digest form, so I read them all this morning.  Gregor and Bill, I apologize - I should have said that I had already dampened and boarded the leather before consulting the list.  It didn't quite give me the surface I'm seeking. Virginia, I had thought of lightly abrading, but that to me seemed to be damaging the leather. However, it's good to know someone else has used that method successfully.  I may end up there.  Don, thanks - I'd like not to lose the texture, but since your steaming worked so well, I think what I will try is to dampen and board once or twice more, with hot water.
I won't be using paste, so I need to have the surface exactly as I want it before adhering the leather.  As you may have guessed, it's an artist's book.
Thanks again for all the input,


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