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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - dulling leather

> That's three recommendations to wet the leather to take the
> gloss off and every one from a reliable source. I use the Harmatan
> skins mentioned as my primary leather and get it wet while pasting all
> the time. I'm not seeing any dulling of the surface as a
> result.

Don, I do see a slight dulling with dampening, that's why I did that first - but, it's more that the smooth surface/ grain is raised (or maybe that's the boarding part); the light is reflected in a smaller pattern that makes it appear duller.

But, the slight dulling is not the surface appearance that I need.  I made some small tests yesterday. A second boarding and dampening didn't change things much. I'm on a residency, not working at home, so finding a way to steam is inconvenient just now.  The closest surface to what I want, so far, has come from Virginia's abrasion method (thanks for today's tip on the wax as well.)  But, I also just got Jack's suggestion and I'm off to buy some ammonia; the slight color changes also sound great for what I'm doing. Thanks, Jack! I'm hoping yours is the solution (pun intended).
And, Happy Anniversary, and always: many, many thanks to Peter!


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