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Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

I am pleased to announce that my second book on historical printing, Nineteenth-Century Printing Practices and the Iron Handpress, is now in bookstores. The first link below will take you to a description of it along with ordering information.

This spring, Rollin Milroy interviewed me for his Heavenly Monkey Newsletter #5. We discussed the writing of the above book, as well as talked about what it was like to print, after a fifteen-year absence from the handpress, a limited edition on the Ashendene press in the Bridwell Library. The second link below will take you to a description of the Gioia book.

The last link will take you directly to the Heavenly Monkey Newsletter.

A presto,


Gabriel Rummonds
2642 NW 58th Street, #1
Seattle WA 98107

Phone: (206) 706-9619
FAX: (206) 706-9752


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