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[BKARTS] A Message from Friends of SFPL

A message from the Friends of the SFPL:

The Friends of the San Francisco Public Library receives book
donations from the public and sells them to raise money to support
free programs at the Library.  Not all books are saleable and those
that aren't end up being recycled.  These books are both hardcover
and paperback, are on all subjects, range from old to new, and may
be in good condition, marked up, or damaged.  We are exploring
the idea of periodically making these unsaleable books available free
to books artists and craftspeople.  People would have to come to
Fort Mason in San Francisco to pick up books.

In order to decide whether to try this on a pilot basis, we first need
to find out how many people would be interested and what their
specific interests are.  If you are interested, please provide answers
to the 5 questions below in an email to Byron Spooner at
byron.spooner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by June 30.

1.  Describe the kind of books you would want (e.g.,
hardcover/softcover, condition, subject, or any other relevant

2.  What would you do with the books?

3.  If books were available monthly, how many times per year would
you come to Fort Mason to pick up books?

4.  Could you come to Fort Mason on weekdays (yes/no)?
Weekends (yes/no)?

5.  Roughly how many books would you ideally like to get per visit,
assuming your preferred kind of books were available?

Thank you for your interest.  Once we review all responses, we'll
decide whether to pilot this give-away program and advise all
respondents by email.

Byron Spooner
Director of Book Operations


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