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Re: [BKARTS] A Message from Friends of SFPL

1.  Describe the kind of books you would want (e.g.,
hardcover/softcover, condition, subject, or any other relevant

hard cover, strong hinges, torn pages ok (preferable, actually) and/or
anything else that could conceivably be repaired for a desperate

2. What would you do with the books?

make hinged (art) boxes and/or practice making repairs.

3.  If books were available monthly, how many times per year would
you come to Fort Mason to pick up books?

Every other month = 6 times or so

4.  Could you come to Fort Mason on weekdays (yes/no)?
Weekends (yes/no)? yes, yes

5.  Roughly how many books would you ideally like to get per visit,
assuming your preferred kind of books were available?

Depends on if I use public transportation or not.  A bagful if using
pub. trans., a crateful if using car.


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