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Re: [BKARTS] papermaking or printmaking discussion groups?

Thanks Janet! This was very helpful. I have joined the yahoo
papermaking one, and it's great.

all the best,

On Jun 16, 2004, at 3:48 PM, Janet Lee wrote:

There are a number of Yahoo Groups dedicated to these topics. Go to=20
www.yahoo.com, scroll down to Arts & Humanities.  You'll find Paper
Crafts, and Printmaking under Visual Arts.  They list over 200 groups
printmaking and over 150 under paper.  You'll have to do a bit of work
find the right one(s) for your needs.

At 11:07 AM 6/16/2004, you wrote:
Does anyone know of any online discussion groups (or "forums") like
this one which are specific to hand papermaking or printmaking?

thanks in advance
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