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Re: [BKARTS] Help! Bought a Victorian Copy Press

Below is a resend of a prior message, this time submitted as plain
text. (Thank you Amrit Bamrah.)

 William Wells Streeter is the the Bill Streeter Ed mentioned in his
posting. Bill's contact information, including his email link and a
link to Oak Knoll can be found on his website, www.williamstreeter.com.

"Before Photocopying: The Art and History of Mechanical Copying 1780 -
1938", by Barbara Rhodes and William Wells Streeter.

"The writers' exhaustive research aptly removes the mystery
surrounding the origin and use of copying presses, a familiar device
regularly mislabeled as a bookbinder's press. This book will stand
alone as the definitive source of information on the subject of copying
presses Mark Barbour, Director and Curator, International Printing
Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Endorsement excerpt quoted from dust jacket.
Published by Oak Knoll Press & Heraldry Bindery, 1999
ISBN 1-1884718-61-2



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