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Re: [BKARTS] leatherette paper

Hello L. Thomas,
A company in Pawtucket RI, called Ecological Fibers carries a product
called bonded leather under the name: Arizona. There are a number of
colors as well as embossing styles. Their minimum order is $100 and it
can be used to purchase a variety of papers, not just one material.
They carry a wide variety of papers and have good sample sizes.
I just finished making a wedding book with their bonded leather and it
was accommodating to use with PVA, dry mount adhesive and pressure
sensitive adhesive.
Enjoy, A

Oooh! I had forgotten about them! They are located right near me! Before I was a bookbinder, back when I was in school, a friend of mine was doing a report on local businesses who were ecologically friendly. I think she knew someone who worked there.

I just emailed for a sample book, and I remember thinking her samples
were cool, but I wasn't looking at them with any more than a high
schooler's eye, so that doesn't mean much in this context.

however, I'm all for the ecologically, solvent- free idea.




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