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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 4 Jul 2004 to 5 Jul 2004 (#2004-181)

Using a Copy Press

Make sure the screw threads are nicely greased.
Prepare some suitably sized pressboards: 5-ply wood lined with a sheet of
cardboard. Look for offcuts from a speaker enclosure factory. I got some
of these from our recycling centre, called "Reverse Garbage Truck"
You can make two different sizes. Sand carefully.
Round the corners or you'll damage yourself.

Use baking paper or wax paper to separate books etc from card lining when
using the press. It is often referred to as a nipping press when used for
books.  After, for instance, making a case for a case binding, nip each
side in the press with a fair pressure for a few minutes. this forces out
any air left between the layers.  You can also press a set of pages before
you bind them.

When pressing a finished book, put a piece of absorbent paper between fly
leaf and text block and a thin piece of material such as aluminium or
mylar between cover and fly leaf, otherwise the turnins will mark the text
block. Ppress firmly, then slacken off slightly and leave overnight. The
book is sandwiched between the two boards with the spine just protruding
so it is not damaged. If you want to set grooves, use two appropriately
sized brass rods (welding) or knitting needles (pins) held firmly with
twisted rubber bands.

The crardboard gives a slight springiness and stops the wood grain from
marking damp papers.

Better book binding manuals (Diehl, Arthur Johnson) tell you when to do
this as you make a book.

Best wishes

Adrienne Allen


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