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[BKARTS] Ecological Fibers and embossed paper to look like leather

Indeed, it may be more practical, as Ed suggests, to work with CM as
they have no minimums. However, there may be a difference if one company
is retail and the other is wholesale. Ecological Fibers actual embosses
and finishes the paper. They are the factory and pricing is very sweet
with the exception of the minimum. They do emboss paper to look like
leather. They may even be the source of the samples at CM. 
I had originally suggested the bonded leather because it is such a good
fake - but the paper leather look is available from them as well - in
many colors. It can be seen on the web site or perhaps a bit more
delving with Phil Normandin, our contact there, might bring you closer
to what you are looking for.
Best luck with your search, A.
PS - I have tried twice to send messages with no HTML - but the setting
will not hold. Therefore, there will be those annoying -20's. I'll have
to talk with my computer guru about this. Sorry for the inconvenience in

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