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Re: [BKARTS] cover material for box

At 01:47 AM 7/7/2004, you wrote:
Hello.  I'm looking for a very sturdy, durable and smooth cover material
for a that will hold a handmade book.  If anyone is familiar with the
black portfolio presentation boxes available through Light Impressions,
that is similar to what I'm looking for.  They refer to it as
"library-quality fabric."  It's got a sheen to it that I haven't seen on
the book cloth available locally.  It's as if there's a special coating on
it, and it definitely seems more durable.  I expect the box to get a lot
of handling, so a tough covering would be preferable.  Any suggestions?



Dear Kris I prefer to use paper to cover the trays of boxes, and often use it for the board cover as well for smaller book boxes. I find paper easier to mold to the corners etc., though it does require some extra cutting. I use a thin but tough fiber paper, and then coat the outside with cellugel, but any of the other fixing agent would work. As a final coat I apply a bit of wax after the cellugel has dried. This also allows me to use a variety of pleasing colors and patterns in my boxes. Dorothy Africa


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