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Re: [BKARTS] Xerox / Laser Prrinting Question

Depends on how one defines "archival."

pH may be neutral, but it is possible that the toner
itself can be affected by hostile environmental

Toner-based printing sits on the surface of
paper, unlike ink, which penetrates the surface.
If the fused toner is compromised, the print
can be damaged, if not lost.

Toner is generally a three-part material -- powdered
carbon black or organic dye, magnetic fines / powder,
and a plastic binder.

The most readily affected component is the binder.
For a dramatic illustration, try spraying toner-printed
characters with (an excess of) Krylon acryilc spray
and watch the fused characters run if the surface
is wet with the spray. I believe other environmental
chemicals may also break down the binder.

Also, if the magnetic fines are iron, this adds a
component which can promote aging of the paper.

Also see
"Photocopier Hazards and a Conservation Case Study"

"Permanence of Photocopy Images"


"Stability of Photocopied and Laser Printed Documents and Images:
Guidelines for Canadian Archives, David Grattan."
Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI), 1998. Available
from the CCI, 1030 Innes Rd, Ottawa Ontario K1A 0C8. or
visit their on-line publications catalogue at www.cci-icc.gc.ca .
Phone 613-998-3721. Fax 613-998-4721. Also available
through the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) as a
Preservation Committee Bulletin and from Carr McLean.
Written in non-technical language this short bulletin discusses
the principal factors involved in producing stable, archival
photocopies and laser printed documents and images,
including some practical recommendations for archives.

Alan Shalette

| The computer paper and Xerox papers I've tested from time to time seem
| archival Try giving the corner of the page a little dab with your pH
| It will soon give you a reading. Cheers, Mercedes :)


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