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Re: [BKARTS] Tektronix Phaser 780

I own a Tektronic 780 also.  Tektronic is owned by Xerox.  I find that
the output of the

OK, this happens all the time, so --

It's Tektronix, note the 'x'.

And Tektronix is NOT owned by Xerox.  Xerox bought the printers
division from Tektronix years ago, but Tektronix is still an
independent company that makes other equipment.

Test on Monday...

Sorry, but I worked at Tek for about 11 years, and when people misspell
the name, it's like they get my last name wrong or something.  And then
when they say it's owned by Xerox, now that's like calling my mother

I did not work at the printers division, but from what I recall when
the Phasers were first introduced, they were supposed to be superb
printers that printed well on all kinds of surfaces.  I think they even
tested printing on toilet paper.  But you can read current technical
reviews with a google search.

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