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For the past six years I have been putting together public art projects for
Lowell Women's Week, (in celebration of International Women's Day and
Women's History month).  Our goal has always been to have the public art
project be as inclusive as possible.  We have asked women to show us their
'arts', tell us their wishes, tell us about women who have made a difference
in their lives, decorate a shoe in honor of the women who kicked off their
shoes to run for their lives on Sept. 11th, tell us about their comfort
foods, tell us about hands that have comforted them . . .

We have worked with women in the homeless shelters, with people in the
schools, we have put out a call for participation in the local newspaper . .
 and have worked with grad students in the community psychology department
at UMass Lowell on the shelter projects.

What we have found is that providing the women in the shelters with collage
material, (paper and numerous magazines) is extremely successful.  Getting
people to simply write is very difficult.  We have also found that focus on
a particular topic, comfort foods in particular, can really get the stories
flowing . . . so that a tape recording in the background while people talk
about and compare common experiences can be very fruitful . . . if the
transcript accompanies collage . . . then you have your book.
(I can't tell you what a huge icebreaker a conversation about comfort food
can be!)

If you have questions . . . email me at maxquilts@xxxxxxx



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