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[BKARTS] from the radio: lost & found books

I only heard a little of the last segment, but it was interesting
enough for me to locate the web page.  There is a RealAudio version
available - follow the link below.

- Duncan


Program 04-07-11-A

To The Best of Our Knowledge
from Wisconsin Public Radio

Who would have guessed that number two on the Best Seller List this
summer would be an intellectual thriller starring four brainy
Princeton seniors and a 15th century manuscript written in code? In
this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, meet the authors of The
Rule of Four. Lost and Found books is our subject. Invisible ink!
Secret Codes! Ghosts in the library!


Nicholas Basbanes is the author of "A Splendor of Letters: The
Permanence of Books in an Impermanent World." It's his third book
about books and the people who love them. Basbanes tells Steve
Paulson that people destroy books to annihilate the culture of their
enemies and remembers some of the heroes who fought to save books
from the Nazis and in Bosnia. Also, novelist Nicholson Baker exposed
what he called libraries' assault on paper in a book called "Double
Fold." And he leased warehouse space in New Hampshire to serve as a
repository for old newspapers. Baker tells Steve Paulson about the
treasures of his collection and why he thinks they should be saved.
He says they don't take up that much space and microfilm just isn't
good enough.


Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason wrote "The Rule of Four" just after
college. It's about four brainy Princeton students and a 15th century
manuscript written in code and it's a runaway hit. It's based on a
real document. The authors tell Jim Fleming about the real-life
mysteries and how this book came about. Also, Lev Grosman is the book
critic for Time Magazine and author of "Codex." It's a thriller about
a missing medieval manuscript. Grossman tells Anne Strainchmps about
his experiences working at one of the great repositories of rare


Walter Hamady is the proprietor of the Perishable Press Limited, and
among the most celebrated American printers of fine, limited edition
books. He taught for years in the Art Department at the University of
Wisconsin and has worked with such major American poets as Alan
Ginsburg and Denise Levertov. Anne Strainchamps prepared this profile.

Cassette copies are available at 1-800-747-7444. Ask for program number 04-07-11-A.

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