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Re: [BKARTS] (no subject)

I have found all the replies to this question to be so good, and the people
who have written about their experiences are heroes.  Good luck, Linda.


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Most of my work is done in schools and based on curriculum material but
I occasionally do some workshops of a more personal nature. In 1991, I
did a project in Lowell, MA called the Lowell Multicultural Book
Project. I worked with representatives from different ethnic groups
(the hardest part was finding the people as I wanted a representative
from each community and it was a 10 week commitment). Each person made
a book about her family history. They got to keep their books but we
had an exhibit at the library of all the books and documentation went
into two collections in the city. We made a big deal of the opening of
the exhibit and it was the best art opening I have ever been to.
Families were out in force and there was such excitement and energy. I
started with a simple project just to get them used to the idea of
making a book. There were a few people in the group who had art or
craft backgrounds and one who wrote but for several they had never done
anything like this before. For that first one session project, I had
them pick some thing about their life (a person, a memory, an event)
and write four sentences. We then made a Japanese binding with four
pages (one sentence per page) and covers and illustrated each page with
cut paper illustrations.

My first thought for your situation would be to make a small 4 page
accordion with a cover of cover stock and a ribbon tie. I'd do it one
session, have them make the book first. I'd think about having them
choose one word for each page. You could have a selection of words that
they could cut or tear from a sheet of paper. That would give those who
have trouble getting started a place to begin and others could use
their own words. Having a selection of small papers for collage is
always good. I also like to have rubber stamps- I tend to collect ones
that make patterns rather than images, stencils, and things to write
and draw with. Any time I do something like this, I make one myself
first. There is some debate about the value of showing samples but I
find it useful. I also think it is good for me to do whatever level of
self- exploration I am asking them to do both for me and for them to
see that I am not just coming from a distance and asking them to do
something but participating in the process myself. I've also done flag
accordions with a sentence on each flag- I wish, I hope, I dream, I
love, I hate, the best thing that ever happened to me, the worst thing
that ever happened to me, etc.

Velma's suggestion about working with families is also a good idea. I
do a lot of family bookmaking workshops in schools. It's usually a one
evening thing so we don't get involved in creating content. I have
occasionally tried to do a workshop just for parents and it is always
poorly attended compared to ones with kids and parents. Parents want to
do good things for their children and will often stretch outside their
comfort zone if they feel it's something they can do and share with
their children.

in good spirit

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA



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